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3416 W. College Avenue Appleton, WI 54914
We DISTRIBUTE PRODUCTS WITH purposeful ingredients.

It’s our vision and hope to educate the world about the numerous uses and therapeutic potential of purposeful ingredients.

About Us
Let us put in the research miles

We are more than just a distribution company, we are a family and team that cares about the ingredients that go into the products we distribute.

what makes us different
We care about improving the lives of others.
dedicated account rep

Our trained representatives
are product experts
and will guide you to success.

we do the research for you

We are committed to delivering products derived from organic, sustainably sourced farms.

easy online shopping

Refill your shelves from anywhere at any time with ease by shopping our digital catalog.

so you can rest

Products with ingredients that are well researched, safe and effective for the betterment of our health.


Our team will help you get your product pages optimized to start selling online.

YOUR products are therapeutic & safe

Our partners share in our vision, ensuring therapeutic potential is always at its highest.

Sustainably Sourced
Organic, Health Driven
Zero Toxic Fillers
No Useless Additives
Who we are
Why you should choose us

We care about therapeutic value & what purpose the ingredients serve. You won’t find any Red Dye #40 or other harmful ingredients in the products we distribute.

Want to learn more about our approved ingredients, product analysis requirements or how you can get wholesale pricing?
We want to help!
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